Common Application Format (CAF)

The Common Application Format is designed to standardise the style of descriptions, claims, abstract and drawings (name of each item or order of items) that are different at each office. The Common Application Format will reduce the burden of applicants to re-draft specifications in accordance with each country's original format. In addition, the Common Application Format enables examiners to understand the specifications of other countries more easily.

At the IP5 Deputy Heads meeting 15-16 May 2012 in Munich, the IP5 Deputy Heads endorsed the new CAF Definition V2.0, including the required definitions for both KIPO and CNIPA to accept CAF filings. The new CAF Definition V2.0 is also more generically designed to also support CAF filings at other non-IP5 Offices.

The Common Application Format is described in Annex I.

The comparative table of examples for each type of the applications is shown in Annex II.