Second PHEP work plan

Following detailed consultation with IP5 Industry at the Fourth Industry Consultation Group meeting in February 2021, the IP5 Patent Harmonization Expert Panel (PHEP) finalized a detailed new work plan with a focus on the following items:

  • global assignment: led by the USPTO and KIPO, this project explores the possibility of streamlined procedures for the transfer of rights with increased transparency of IP ownership.
  • allowable features in drawings: led by the JPO, this project looks at standardising the requirements regarding size, margins, color, etc. in order to harmonise the allowable features in drawings across the IP5

Approved by the IP5 Heads of Office in June 2021, the launch of these new projects aims to further align IP5 practices and procedures and make patent prosecution more user-friendly.

Furthermore, the PHEP will endeavour to address legal issues related to New Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (NET/AI) in the context of the implementation of the IP5 NET/AI Roadmap.