Consultation with industry

Since 2012, annual meetings between the IP5 Heads of Office and industry representatives of the IP5 regions ("IP5 Industry") have become an integral feature of IP5 co-operation. In addition, meetings of the Global Dossier Task Force (GDTF) have been successful in keeping developments in the Global Dossier project closely focussed on the needs of the user community.

As the number and complexity of topics in the IP5 co-operation increase, in-depth technical discussions with IP5 Industry representatives are essential to ensure that the IP5 co-operation continues to develop in line with users' expectations and needs.

The IP5 Heads of Office agreed in October 2016 to establish a new forum, the IP5 Industry Consultation Group (ICG), with a view to building on the success of the Global Dossier Task Force and expanding the consultation process with IP5 Industry to further areas of IP5 co-operation.

IP5 Industry is currently comprised of:

- American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)


- Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO)

- Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA)

- Korea Intellectual Property Association (KINPA)

- Patent Protection Association of China (PPAC)