Statistical data resources


Historical numbers of filings and grants


Summary counts of numbers of filings and grants in recent years at the IP5 Offices.


Historical numbers of grants broken down by IPC codes

Counts of numbers of grants with breakdowns by IPC classes and countries of origin.



Comparative information on main comparable fees at the IP5 Offices. These data are given without prejudice and are not guaranteed to be up to date. Official fee schedule information and associated regulations from each IP5 Office take precedence.


Economic data

Information on variables of economic interest to each of the IP5 Offices from the countries that they cover. These data are relevant to the development of patent filings and are generally obtained from sources outside the IP5 Offices.


IP5 Summary Report on Studies on IP’s Impact on Economy

This report consists of five main parts:A brief introduction to China’s patent activity, and the links between patent activities and economic performance of enterprises in China; The importance of intellectual property rights (IPRs) activities for the EU economy and high-growth firms, and patent commercialization of European SMEs; The effect that IPRs have on consumers’ “willingness to pay” in Japan; The economic contribution of IP-intensive industries in Korea; Information on women’s participation in the U.S. patent system and the use of examiner's amendments at the USPTO.