IP5 Patent Prosecution Highway (IP5 PPH)

The IP5 Offices launched on 6 January 2014 the comprehensive IP5 PPH Patent Prosecution Highway pilot programme. 

Under the IP5 PPH pilot programme a PPH request can be based

  • either on the latest PCT work product (written opinion of the ISA (WO-ISA) or international preliminary examination report (IPER)) established by one of the IP5 Offices as ISA or IPEA,
  • or on the national work product established during the processing of a national application or a PCT application that has entered the national phase before one of the IP5 Offices,

where this work product determines one or more claims to be patentable/allowable.

The PPH leverages fast-track patent examination procedures already available at the offices to allow applicants to obtain corresponding patents faster and more efficiently. It also permits each office to exploit the work previously done by the other office.

Information regarding the IP5 PPH pilot programme is available via the IP5 Offices' respective websites:

Further information regarding the PPH is available via the JPO PPH portal site.

IP5 PPH Metrics

The IP5 PPH metrics support the IP5 PPH programme and aim to facilitate the optimal quantification of benefits derived from the PPH and the transparent and reliable reporting on PPH procedural data. It should enable applicants to make informed decisions regarding the use of PPH.

Common PPH request form

Upon the initiative of CNIPA, the IP5 Offices have developed and implemented the common PPH request form and have endorsed the relevant Common Instructions. Taking into account the differences resulting from differing domestic legal and language requirements, the form requires applicants to provide a uniform set of data regardless of the IP5 Office with which the request is filed. This is a further step towards the enhancement of user-friendliness of the PPH programmes available at the IP5 Offices which will also largely improve the efficient processing of PPH requests.