Allowable features in drawings

The IP5 Offices have been working closely together to reduce user’s burden resulting from the varying formal requirements for drawings to be followed before the different IP5 Offices. In the realisation of the project “Allowable Features in Drawings”, the IP5 Offices have identified common allowable features including the lowest common denominator (“IP5 Safe Format”).

This JPO-led initiative aims at bringing greater uniformity of allowable features in drawings and, furthermore, at reducing users’ costs and efforts arising from the differences in formal requirements across the respective IP5 regions. The data below is the result of a first contribution by the IP5 Offices highlighting the IP5 Safe Format of allowable features in drawings among the IP5 Offices.

The different requirements that were considered by the IP5 Offices include:

  • Paper size and margins
  • Image format
  • Color / grayscale
  • Line drawings
  • Size of characters and symbols
  • Availability of photos

Allowable features in drawings - overview table 


While the data in the table aims at highlighting the lowest common denominator (“IP5 Safe Format”) of the formal requirements for allowable features in drawings among the IP5 Offices at the time of the data collection, its content may not be considered or construed as legally binding in any way. The IP5 Offices cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or fitness for specific purposes of the data presented.