Third Global Dossier Task Force (GDTF) Meeting, February 2016, USPTO, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

In February 2016, the third meeting of the IP5 Global Dossier Task Force (GDTF) was held at the USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia, United States of America. The IP5 Offices reported to Industry on progress in the Global Dossier (GD) initiative, a retrieval tool which makes it easier for patent applicants to quickly and easily view, monitor and manage intellectual property (IP) protection around the world by providing access to the dossiers of related patent applications filed at the IP5 Offices.

The IP5 Offices additionally reported to Industry their progress on evaluating the five agreed short-term priorities, expressing that they will work together to identify areas where they can collaborate on each of the topics based on their resources, legal framework and internal plans. IP5 Industry presented recommendations to the IP5 Offices on possible next steps leading towards the ultimate Global Dossier goal of cross-filing in multiple offices using the five agreed short-term priorities.

The IP5 Industry groups expressed their interest in continual participation in the process of developing the Global Dossier initiative further.

The topics and presentations at the third meeting of the Global Dossier Task Force in Alexandria included:

Presentations and proposals by IP5 Industry

Global Dossier progress reports by IP5 Offices

Progress reports on Global Dossier short-term goals by IP5 Offices

Implementing the Active Phase