Meeting with IP5 Industry, June 2012, Porticcio, France

On 5 June 2012, in Porticcio (France), the IP5 Heads of Office met with industry representatives from the IP5 regions. At this high-level meeting, - the first of its kind -, they sought input from users on their needs concerning the orientation of the IP5 cooperation. Responding to the views put forward by industry, the five Heads expressed their common conviction that the focus of future IP5 initiatives should be even more user-directed.

The presentations at the first meeting between the IP5 Heads of Office and IP5 Industry in June 2012 included:

- About AIPLA (presented by AIPLA)


- About IPO (presented by IPO)

- About JIPA (presented by JIPA)

- About KINPA (presented by KINPA)

- JPO Future strategic direction (presented by JPO)

- EPO Future strategic direction (presented by EPO)

- Sharing and documenting search strategies (presented by AIPLA and IPO)

- Common Application Format (presented by JIPA)

- Classification (presented by EPO and USPTO)

- European Machine Translation (presented by EPO)

- Mutual Machine Translation (presented by KIPO)

- Global Dossier (presented by USPTO) (presented by EPO)

- Common Citation Document (presented by EPO)

- Quality and Efficiency: Patent Examination Management (presented by SIPO)

- Developing the PCT (presented by EPO)

- Timeliness in the Paris Route (presented by EPO)

- PCT Patent Prosecution Highway - PCT-PPH (presented by AIPLA)

- Paris Route Patent Prosecution Highway (presented by JPO)