Report of the IP5 expert round table on artificial intelligence, EPO, Munich, 31 October 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been identified as one of the strategic priorities for IP5 co-operation. Following a request from IP5 Industry and an agreement by the IP5 Heads of Office in New Orleans in June 2018 to explore the impact of AI on the patent system, the EPO invited the IP5 Offices to an expert round table discussion in Munich on the legal aspects of patenting of AI.

The IP5 experts focussed their discussions on four main topics: inventorship/ownership, patent eligibility, sufficiency of disclosure and inventive step.

At their meeting in June 2019, the IP5 Heads of Office agreed to make a summary report of the round table discussion available to the public.

Download the "Report of the IP5 expert round table on artificial intelligence"

It should be noted that this report does not reflect any policy statement of the IP5 Offices or a particular patent office but only represents the workshop discussions.