IP5 Statistics Report 2018 Edition

This annual report presents statistics about activities at the IP5 Offices. In 2018, 2.8 million patent applications were filed at the IP5 Offices and together the IP5 Offices granted 1.2 million patents. The report highlights the trends in recent years as well as describing operations and developments at the IP5 Offices. Various representations are shown, including this year a new more detailed chart about patents in force in Chapter 2.

Table of contents

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Executive Summary (PDF, 94 KB)

Preface (PDF, 268 KB)

  1. Introduction (PDF, 313 KB)
  2. The IP5 Offices (PDF, 831 KB)
  3. Worldwide Patenting Activity (PDF, 1.6 MB)
  4. Patent Activity at the IP5 Offices (PDF, 1 MB)
  5. The IP5 Offices and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) (PDF, 677 KB)
  6. Other Work (PDF, 79 KB)

Annex 1: Definitions for Offices' Expenditures (PDF, 126 KB)

Annex 2: Definitions for Terms and for Statistics on Procedures (PDF, 132 KB)

Acronyms and IP5 Office contact details (PDF, 122 KB)

Web versions only

Glossary of Patent Related Terms (PDF, 283 KB)

Statistical Tables (XLS, 878 KB)

Full report

Should you wish to browse in the complete document, please download the full report.

Download the IP5 Statistics Report 2018 (PDF, 6.6 MB)

Chinese version

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has produced a Chinese translation of the IP5 Statistics Report 2018.

Download the Chinese version of the IP5 Statistics Report 2018